Top things to do in Kurdistan

Kurdistan is a province in western Iran best known for its stunning natural beauty, the political conflicts and the Kurdish people which are one of the most welcoming Iranians.

Welcome to Kurdistan - Iran

Where is Kurdistan?

Kurdistan is one of the Kurdish regions in west of Iran. The province has a common border with the Kurdistan region in Iraq. Kurdistan is located among the Zagros Mountains. The altitude has resulted in a fine climate in the region with many natural a Fractions like mountains, fountains, waterfalls and forests.
The capital city of Kurdistan province is the city of Sanandaj. It has been an important city during the past centuries and the remains of Qajar and Safavid buildings are still visible in the city.

Who are Kurd people?

This area has been the home of Kurd people for thousands of years. Kurds are one of the Iranian races. They came to the region of Kurdistan from northern parts of Iran about two thousand BC. Due to the great geographical features of Kurdistan region, Kurds have stayed in this region ever since. Kurds speak their own Kurdish language and the majority of them are Sunni Muslims.

Where to stay in Kurdistan?

There are many fine accommodations in Kurdistan. Shadi hotel in Sanandaj, Haleh hotel in the city of Baneh and the Kurd hotel in Saqqez are among the top accommodations. But the locals are warm enough to open their doors to guests at any :me. You might even be able to rent local homes for a very reasonable price.

Top places to visit in Kurdistan

Khosro Abad mansion, Sanandaj

Khosro Abad is one of the most significant buildings in Kurdistan. The mansion was built in the :me of Qajar as the residence of the local leaders. Many formal ceremonies took place in Khosro Abad mansion. Many beautiful Persian architectural features can be seen in this building. Currently the mansion is open for the visitors daily from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Gheshlagh Bridge, Sanandaj

This bridge was built in the Safavid era and was restored several times during the years. The Safavid architectural features of the Bridge resembles the one made in Esfahan in the same era. Gheshlagh Bridge was made to connect Kurdistan to Hamedan, a nearby province.

The traditional bazaar of Sanandaj

The bazaar of Sanandaj is a great place to both see an architectural work as well as the daily lives of the Kurdish people. You can see the traditional costumes and handicrafts of Kurdistan in the bazaar. You can also find many useful things as the bazaar is s:ll an important trade center of the city. Unlike many of the traditional bazaars in Iran, the one is Sanandaj is shaped rectangular. This architecture is inspired from the Naghsh-e Jahan square in Esfahan.

Salar Saeed mansion, Sanandaj

This mansion was built in the :me of Qajar as a personal residence. The architecture of this mansion is of the Qajar :me. One of the most beautiful features of Salar Saeed mansion is the spectacular glass works seen in the windows of the building.
Currently the mansion func:ons as a museum, representing the ancient objects found in the province. It is open for the visitors from Saturday to Thursday from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Zareebar Lake

In a one hour distance from the city of Sanandaj, in the city of Marivan, you can find the spectacular lake of Zareebar. This is one of the biggest sweet water lakes in the country and one of the most fascinating natural a attractions in west of Iran. The lake is surrounded by mountains, giving it a special environment which is the home to many animal species.
The surface of Zareebar Lake usually freezes in the cold seasons which makes an amazing view. There are paddle boats for renting and there are plenty of restaurants around the lake. Make sure you try the famous fish from the lake which is barbecued with special spices in the area.

Abidar Mountain, Sanandaj

Abidar is a mountain near the city of Sanandaj. The area provides a local entertainment park as well as playgrounds for the children. Iran’s biggest open air Cinema is also located in this park. The cinema has a capacity of ten thousand people. It shows movies as well as some of the important festivals like world cup tournaments.


The mountainous region of Avroman is located in the western parts of Kurdistan. This region has a beautiful nature and a number of villages. The villages of Avroman region have a unique staircase-like architecture. There are also many remnants from the old ages showing evidence of a civilization in the region around the Iron age.

Top things to do in Kurdistan

Kurds have many interesting ceremonies and they devote plenty of :me and energy to hold these ceremonies in most grand way. These traditional ceremonies are one of the attractions of Kurdistan alongside the historical and natural sites of the region.

Norooz (New Year) ceremony

Days before the Persian New Year, Kurds begin to hold ceremonies to welcome spring. These ceremonies take place in most parts of Kurdistan
with are more or less the same. One of the famous ceremonies that celebrate the New Year in Kurdistan is the one that takes place in Palangan village. Girls and boys start moving around fire torches and dance to the folklore music. This ceremony has been of great aFen:on by other regions of the country in recent years.

The music festival

Kurdistan is an innovating region in music. A music festival with concentration on the percussion instruments takes place every year in the province. The festival has recently become an international, and takes place in the city of Sanandaj.

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