How to spend 48 hours in Shiraz

If you are visiting Shiraz but also running short in time, it’s essential to have a predetermined plan to make the most out of your little time.

48 hours in Shiraz

If you are visiting Shiraz but also running short in time, it’s essential to have a predetermined plan to make the most out of your little time.
Here is a quick preview of how you can spend 48 superior hours in Shiraz:

Where to stay?

Choosing an accommodation to stay in Shiraz, is not that difficult. There are many five-star hotels like the grand hotel of Shiraz, Chamran and Zandie Hotel. As the city is not very big you can easily get to your destination in no time. However, if you want your residence close to the historical sites, you can stay at one of the many hotels or private lodges in Zand Street.

How to move around in Shiraz

The easiest way of transporting in Shiraz is to take a taxi from your accommodation. You can also rent a car with or without a driver. There is also a single metro line which can get you to the historical part of the city.

How to spend your first day in Shiraz

The first place you should visit in the early morning is Nasir-ol Molk mosque, also known as the pink mosque. Try arriving here very early in the morning to see the stunning reflection of sunlight through the colourful glasses of the mosque and also to beat the crowds. This place is one of the most popular instagrammable locations in Iran. When you are finished taking tons of pictures, you can visit Naranjestan Ghavam and Zinat- ol Molook Garden which are located a few minutes away from the pink mosque. Both gardens remain from the Qajar dynasty with mesmerising architecture, glassworks and tilings.

Where to have lunch?

On your first day of visiting Shiraz, you can have lunch at Parhami traditional house. You can have a variety of traditional food and drinks at this place. Keep in mind that you need to make a reservation if you’re visiting on the weekend or high season. You can also have lunch at Sharzeh restaurant inside the bazaar of Shiraz. After having your lunch, visit Vakil Bazaar and Saraye Moshir to visit stores selling all kinds of traditional goods. Vakil complex consists of a Bazar, a mosque and a bath which are all very close to one another and you can visit them all in a few hours. Kolah farangi mansion and the castle of Karim Khan remaining from the monarchy of Zand are also close to the Vakil complex. Then have a small break with the traditional ice cream and Faloode of Shiraz near the castle of Karim-khan. You can then take a taxi to Hafezieh neighbourhood and spend the evening in the garden of Jahan-Nama and the tomb of Hafez. Gardens of Shiraz are a good destination for relaxing after a long day.

How to spend your second day in Shiraz

Your second day in Shiraz starts even earlier than your first. The best way to spend your second day is by visiting the historical heritages of the Achaemenid empire. Persepolis, Pasargadae and Naghshe Rostam are located within 80 kilometres of Shiraz. If you wish to give these places a visit, you may want to wake up early and take a ride to Persepolis. The remainder of the Achaemenid empire from over two thousand years is waiting for you in the county of Marvdasht. Although there are restaurants and other eating places in the area, it is best to bring some snacks as the ride is rather long and you would not like to spend your time exploring Persepolis with an empty stomach. We recommend you to spend several hours visiting this area, from 8 AM to 5 PM would be a proper time. After returning to Shiraz, spend a few hours at the Eram garden, in which you can have traditional beverages or best you can stop at the traditional ice cream shop Baba-bastani near Eram garden for a fine midday snack. You can have your dinner at Taghche restaurant and have a pleasant walk afterwards around the Quran gate. Your full on 48 hours in Shiraz is over. We hope you make the most of it.

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